Hello graduate

Do you already know what to study? I know it’s difficult. It’s difficult to decide for something you’ll do for the rest of your life. Law? Economics? There are thousands of unemployed lawyers and economists and every year it’s been increasing... Management? Would you like to have your company managed by someone without experience?

Have you ever been to a busy airport? You can find there all kinds of professions like in a big town. From shops, restaurants, to firemen, doctoring of surfaces, aeroplanes, cargo, coordination of cargo, passengers ... and even the most attractive air jobs, a flying operative, pilots, controllers ... and someone must gather all these things. We‘ll teach you in. You can do everything... no boredom. In a few years you’ll have a meeting from secondary school and they’ll ask: “What exactly do you study?“ ... and only you’ll answer: “Air transport“ or “Professional pilot“ ... or on the other side as every second one: “management“ or “economics“ ... it’s different, isn’t it?

You think there isn’t any large airport in Slovakia? Oh my God, do you want to stay in Slovakia?! So, please, don’t continue in reading. You can find our graduates all over the world. From the United Arab Emirates (our former student was the first captain of the biggest airplane in the world – Airbus A380), the South Korea, Canada, the USA, Europe without talking, too. They are everywhere ... and girls have the same chances as men, of course. (They spread their wings and flew away, http://profit.etrend.sk)

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We’ll be glad to see you here and we cross fingers...

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